Energy Advisory Services

Looking for an energy roadmap? Chrislynn Energy provides a proven track record of delivering a wide range of innovative energy solutions — incorporating engineering services, energy efficiency, renewable technologies and technical advising. Working as an extension of staff, our team helps businesses reduce operating expenses, achieve regulatory compliance and mitigate risk.

Energy Audits

Did you know that your business might be entitled to unexpected savings in the form of a refund? Chrislynn Energy Audits help ensure your utility accounts—past and present—are truly aligned with your usage. We’ll review and analyze your utility bills in detail. Our auditing process will uncover any overcharges, and make sure you've been getting the right rates over time for your agreed contract—no matter how rates have fluctuated. Our insightful analysis and advice will give you the information you need to make your most informed decisions, ultimately returning your money where it belongs—working for you.

Energy Procurement

Industry deregulation and emerging competition among utility suppliers have opened up new opportunities for energy savings across the board. Our experts will sift through all of the options and find the best deal for you. And the best news is that you pay no up-front costs for this energy-saving service; our fees are paid automatically by the winning bidder you choose. Chrislynn Energy provides competitive rates and real savings for all of the utilities your business is using, including Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Propane and Heating Oil.

Energy Management

Chrislynn Energy will help manage your energy to achieve more cost-effective operations using the latest energy-efficient technologies:

  • Conservation Methods: Green technology is continually evolving, impacting each industry in unique ways. Our experts will help you leverage the latest methods to conserve energy for your business and capture significant savings.
  • Billing Questions: Resolving billing questions can take time and patience. But with Chrislynn Energy by your side, billing issues are resolved quickly and effectively. We understand the ins-and-outs of utilities, so we're able to catch mistakes in your favor that others might miss.
  • Rate Clarifications: Rate fluctuations and multiple utility providers can mean keeping track of the right rate—and ensuring that your business is getting the rate you've contracted. This can be a time-consuming task. We’ll make sure you're getting the rates you deserve.

Demand Side Issues

Chrislynn Energy can help you save on energy costs in yet another way—participation in Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) demand response programs, and management of program benefits. We can investigate and identify RTO program opportunities that fit the needs, appropriate risk level and budget of your business. And through our Demand Side Issues service, we can identify opportunities where your business should be compensated for participating in these programs.

Tax and Tariff Reviews

Are the taxes on your utilities being applied properly? Do you know if your business is due a refund for misapplied tax payments? Our Tax and Tariff Review service ensures the taxes on your utilities are accounted for properly, and we'll work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get all the refunds your business deserves. If you're a manufacturer with non-taxable energy usage, we can analyze and develop energy proration studies to help determine precisely how much energy your business is using that isn't subject to tax.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Are you looking to lower energy costs and upgrade your building or manufacturing facility? Contact Chrislynn today and let’s brainstorm together. We understand the financial impact of energy efficiency — we’ll help you plan and prioritize your upgrade to maximize value. Our experts will bring decades of wisdom and the right connections to make your upgrade cost-effective and time-effective.

Energy Rebates

Many utilities provide rebate programs to help meet the state goals to reduce electricity consumption and peak demand. These rebate programs can provide significant savings for your business. We know exactly what’s available in each market and we’ll help you capture the best deals.

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