Manufacturing Company—Electricity

A manufacturing customer tasked Chrislynn Energy Services to audit the approved pass-through charges of two electric bills. With our expert eye on the itemized statements and by double-checking the system’s automated calculations, we caught the errors that reduced the customer’s bills by $9,290.

School District—Electricity

A large, well-respected city school district partnered with Chrislynn Energy Services to receive bids from suppliers, potentially replacing the program they’d been using for years. Eighteen different suppliers responded and as a result, we helped our customer save $29,000 (5.5%) per year— more than $67,000 for the life of the agreement.

School District—Natural Gas

We helped the same city school district save on natural gas by taking a fresh look at their natural gas bills. While their basis agreement was great, we showed them that it was just a small portion of their total fixed price. By revealing that they were actually purchasing over $100,000 worth of natural gas per year that was unmonitored and not locked-in, we were able to correct the situation and strategize future savings.

Retail Company—Electricity

Chrislynn Energy Services helped a retail company customer with over 30 locations get the very best deal—even though in the short term, it wasn’t with one of our suppliers. With an average annual electric spend of over $550,000 and 60% of this falling under a local utility whose rates were hard to beat, Chrislynn Energy acted in the customer’s best interest. We placed them back with the utility for over seven months, saving the customer $24,000 and earning their loyalty for life.

Property Management Group—Electricity and Natural Gas

A property management group turned to Chrislynn Energy Services to streamline the number of utility suppliers for their many properties. Chrislynn made it easy, becoming the one point of contact for all electric and natural gas needs. Our in-depth audit of their prior agreements helped them discover a supplier mistake that saved them $60,000 on one property alone and over $100,000 across the client’s portfolio of properties.

Automotive Dealership—Electricity

When Chrislynn Energy Services was asked to audit 22 electric utility invoices for an automotive dealership, we discovered they had been switched to an alternative electric supplier without authorization and unearthed billing errors that resulted in a $48,000 refund. That corrected, we worked with our supplier network to secure them a better rate, resulting in an additional $36,000 annual savings or 20%.

Municipality—Natural Gas

Chrislynn Energy Services helped a client who had historically purchased and managed its own natural gas by customizing an active management strategy for them that involved basis procurement and a hedging strategy. This helped them save $350,000 for the first year and they beat their second year budget by $100,000.

University—Electricity and Natural Gas

Chrislynn Energy Services has enjoyed a long partnership with a large university customer for natural gas and electricity management. During that time, our well-structured program has helped them keep their total annual energy spend within +/- 5%, despite increased market volatility, and a major expansion of facilities. This makes budgeting for utilities easier and more efficient.

Government—Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Options

Our professional engineering services helped a local government entity evaluate alternate space heating options on a $20 million project. We have also advised government groups on proposals for energy efficiency improvements, alternative energy options, and capital improvements. Our in-house experience and capabilities have helped them evaluate ways to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts.

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