Chrislynn Energy Services Receives COSTAR Vendor Approval as Supplier of Energy Consulting Services under COSTARS 30 Contract

Chrislynn Energy Services Inc. has received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services for the State’s COSTARS program as a qualified supplier for Energy Consulting Services under the COSTARS 30 Contract.

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program designed to assist local governments and other non-profit agencies to reduce their costs of doing business. As a qualified vendor in the COSTARS program, Chrislynn Energy Services can provide Energy Consulting Services to local public units throughout the Commonwealth.

Chrislynn Energy Services went through a governmental approval process with the Pennsylvania Department of General Services prior to being accepted as a qualified vendor. As an approved service provider, COSTAR Members can come directly to CESI for Energy Consulting Services while still satisfying local procurement policies for each government unit.

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